Saturday, October 3, 2009

Does Mr Kane need a hug?

It all started around 545 am this morning.I was shutting down work and getting ready to go home to my wonderful family.Mr Kane ,a devoted company man and Montreal Canadian fan is my relief for the day.As I was passing Mr kane I asked him if he has seen my latest TWITTER post,thats when it all happened .Mr Kane went straight for the juggler vein,he started to raise his eastern scratchy voice in my direction DONT YOU PUT ANY NEGATIVE THINGS ABOUT ME OR THE MONTREAL CANADIANS IN YOUR TWITTER.TWITTER IS A PLACE FOR POSITIVE STUFF,he barked at me.
After Mr Kane calmed down ,I asked him ....what are the chances of the Vancouver Canucks to win Lord Stanley this year?,his response was...not a hope in hell ,they will fold under pressure like previous years.Then I asked him the same question about the Montreal Canadians.Just the expression on his face showed it all.The love and backing of the Montreal Canadians.It was like watching a kid at a candy store.This boy sure loves those HABS."Montreal has a excellent chance"was his answer.

If you want some good old Canadian hockey reading visit

and yes Dennis needs a hug,doent everybody...............

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